•   Volume 3,Issue 4,2016

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    Research Watch

    Mending an infarcted heart: The possibility of using iPSC technology
      Fei Li
      2016,3(4):239 [Abstract]  [View PDF]


    Targeting glutamine metabolism in PIK3CA mutant colorectal cancers
      Xiujing Feng, Yujun Hao, Zhenghe Wang
      2016,3(4):241-243 [Abstract]  [View PDF]

    Review Article

    CRISPR-mediated genome editing and human diseases
      Liquan Cai a, Alfred L. Fisher b, c, Haochu Huang d, Zijian Xie a
      2016,3(4):244-251 [Abstract]  [View PDF]
    Immune-related endocrine disorders in novel immune checkpoint inhibition therapy
      Le Min
      2016,3(4):252-256 [Abstract]  [View PDF]
    Genetic basis of atrial fibrillation
      Oscar Campuzano a, b, Alexandra Perez-Serra a, Anna Iglesias a, Ramon Brugada a, b, c,
      2016,3(4):257-262 [Abstract]  [View PDF]
    Wnt and BMP signaling crosstalk in regulating dental stem cells: Implications in dental tissue engineering
      2016,3(4):263-276 [Abstract]  [View PDF]
    Deciphering the role of microRNA 21 in cancer stem cells (CSCs)
      Durairaj Sekara, b, , , Ramalingam Krishnana, Mani Panagalc, Pethanen Sivakumard, Vincent Gopinathd, Venugopal Basamb
      2016,3(4):277-281 [Abstract]  [View PDF]

    Short Communication

    Differential alterations of positive and negative regulators of beta catenin enhance endogenous expression and activity of beta catenin in A549 non small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) cells
      Supratim Ghataka, c, , Sanghamitra Rahab
      2016,3(4):282-288 [Abstract]  [View PDF]
    Val279Phe variant of Lp-PLA2 is a risk factor for a subpopulation of Indonesia patients with acute myocardial infarction
      Miryanti Cahyaningtiasa, e, Mohammad Saifur Rohmana, Widodob, c, , , Andi Wahjono Adia, Rina Yudaa, Yanna Indrayanaa, Jayarani Fatimah Putrib, Rusdiantob, Mifetika Lukitasarid, Dadang Hendrawana
      2016,3(4):289-293 [Abstract]  [View PDF]
    Polymorphism of the endothelin-1 gene (rs5370) is a potential contributor to sickle cell disease pathophysiology
      Kristen G. Navarroa, c, , Smith E. Agyingia, c, , Chinedu K. Nwabuobib, , Bolaji N. Thomasa
      2016,3(4):294 [Abstract]  [View PDF]